Binky Felstead’s daughter’s sweet gesture for pet dog after being ‘scared’ to go near him

Binky Felstead has revealed her daughter India insisted on the duo making a sweet gesture for their adorable family dog Pedro after his devastating experience on Tuesday 21 June.

At the time, she explained how the dog had been run over by a "speeding van" during a hit-and-run road accident.

The Made in Chelsea star, 32, revealed her five year old daughter had been left "a little scared" after the whole family were traumatised by the pup's ordeal.

Binky, who was whisked away for a special pre-birthday trip last week, also shared an update on her dog's condition as she showed him resting and recovering on the family sofa after his surgery.

Posting an image of a cute and glittery unicorn dog toy to her Instagram stories, the mum-of-two wrote: "India wanted to buy him this… of course it's a unicorn!"

Only a day earlier, the star "thanked god" her pet was alive, and told her followers: "We are so happy he’s now back home and getting lots of cuddles. India hasn’t quite got used to how he now looks & is a little scared to go too close to him but of course this will pass."

The former reality star recalled her beloved pooch chasing another dog across the road when he was crashed into, and claimed the driver didn't stop to check if he was alive and ok.

Binky explained that her dog required emergency life-saving surgery after suffering a multitude of injuries, which included a line of stitches going across his head.

Pedro also had to wear a cone around his neck following his visit to the vet.

The star explained that it was her fiancé Max Darnton who discovered what had happened to the beloved family member, urging Binky to come and say goodbye as soon as possible.

"*TRIGGERING *A pretty terrifying few hours as our Pedro was hit by a van … (who drove off and left him for dead yesterday without stopping to see if he was okay…)," Binky began. "Yesterday we thought we'd lost Pedro, as he chased another dog across a road and was hit by a speeding van.

"I got a call from Max saying he probably wouldn't make it and I had to urgently come to the vets and say goodbye. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like what I saw & of course we were in pieces."

Mum-of-two Binky posted a series of snaps on her Instagram page to illustrate the heartbreaking nature of what had happened.

Shaken by the harrowing experience, the TV favourite posted one image of Max hand-feeding the pooch.

While in another, Binky displayed her close human-canine relationship with Pedro, as she cuddled up to her gorgeous dog on the floor before the accident.

The former Made in Chelsea cast member went on to thank the "incredible" team at Medivet and her local Putney vet in London for saving her dog's life before going on share her rage at the van driver.

She fumed that the act of hitting her pet and then speeding away was "vile" and insisted the driver should feel "ashamed" for their despicable actions.

"To the van driver who hit Pedro, you are vile, immoral & I feel sick to my stomach you’ve got away with this," Binky said in her post. "Well, that’s of course until karma gets you …. Maybe you drove off and left an animal for dead because you were speeding? You should feel ashamed!" the star added, as concerned fans and friends posted their thoughts for the family in the comments.


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