Breaking Down All the Easter Eggs from Taylor Swift's "Bejeweled" Music Video

Good morning, Taylor Swift dropped her video for “Bejeweled” last night, a take on Cinderella casually starring Laura Dern, Dita Von Teese, Pat McGrath, Jack Antonoff, and the HAIM sisters.

Taylor showed up on the Tonight Show before the video’s drop, and told Jimmy Fallon fans could expect to see a “psychotic amount” of Easter eggs in the “Bejeweled” video, adding “It’s like we have a PDF file for the Easter eggs for this video because there are so many.”

And honestly, all of said Easter eggs seem to hint at one thing: Speak Now is Taylor Swift’s next re-recording. Proof? First of all, Tay pushes this button on the elevator—which is the same shade of purple as the dress she’s wearing on Speak Now’s album cover. And the number three? Speak Now was Taylor’s third album.

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