Britney Spears dad Jamie seen for first time after leg amputation

Jamie Spears has been seen for the first time since it was reported that he'd had his leg amputated following a bacterial infection.

The 71 year old father-of-three, who is dad to pop star Britney, 42, actress and I'm A Celebrity star Jamie Lynn, 32, and film producer Bryan, 46, was photographed at a storage facility near Kentwood, Louisiana on Tuesday, 12 December.

A friend could be seen pushing Jamie in a wheelchair as they made their way round the facility. A female assistant was waiting for them as she opened the door to let Jamie and his friend in.

Jamie sported a black padded jacket and kept a low profile in a black baseball cap during the outing.

It comes after the dad-of-three allegedly suffered a "massive infection that landed him in a hospital for weeks" earlier this month, resulting in his leg being amputated.

According to TMZ, Jamie had "five unsuccessful surgeries to contain the infection, and doctors decided the only way to proceed was amputation."

The source also claimed that Jamie is "not doing so well" and has been dealing with other ailments. Plus, being "downcast amid the torrent of criticism over his handling of the conservatorship, something he thinks is terribly unfair."

Jamie has found himself hitting the headlines frequently over recent years due to his daughter Britney's controversial conservatorship, which has since come to an end.

Britney was placed under a conservatorship back in 2008. The legal agreement meant that the singer was unable to make decisions regarding her personal life and career.

Instead, her father Jamie was appointed to deal with her affairs and financial estate, which is estimated to be around $60 million.

Following a lengthy legal battle, Britney finally regained control of her assets, but the highly publicised event also revealed tensions among the family, which Britney opened up about in his explosive memoir, The Woman In Me, released in November.

In her book, Britney claimed her father monitored her every move and saw her as nothing more than the family's "cash flow". She also described Jamie as "mean, apathetic, and cold," and recalled being "scared in her home" as a kid.

The pop star is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with her estranged father, after her attorney, Mathew Rosengart, rejected Jamie's request for Britney to pay the legal fees he incurred in connection to the conservatorship. A trial date is set for May 2024.

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