Chris Pratt's Garfield Voice REVEALED In First Trailer! But Is It Good? Or Just… Pratt??

Oh no…

The first trailer for The Garfield Movie dropped Monday morning, finally revealing the voice Chris Pratt is doing that got him the role. And readers, you will not believe how much it captures the soul of Garfield, the lazy cat who loves lasagna and hates Mondays and…

Or wait… Is that just Chris Pratt’s basic speaking voice?? Listen for yourselves!

Yeah, as much as folks were complaining about it with The Super Mario Bros Movie, the voice Pratt is doing for Garfield is even LESS of a stretch. But is it a better fit?

Fans are divided, with some blasting the Guardians of the Galaxy star for phoning it in:

“Crisp Ratt completely ruined this movie, there’s absolutely no effort in his voice acting he’s literally just talking”

“I just hear him, no difference.”

“Yup, that’s definitely Chris Pratt”

“why is chris pratt not even acting hes just talking completely in his normal voice like there wasn’t even an attempt”

“This is just bad. 0 effort”

And others gave him the nod of approval!

“Grew up with Lorenzo Music being my Garfield voice but Chris Pratt doesn’t sound too bad at all”

“Honestly, Chris voice as Garfield works better than his voice as Mario IMO.”

“It’s not bad actually”

“Chris Pratt’s getting all the iconic roles and actually nailing it”

Others had mixed reactions on an individual basis!

“The first thing he said I was like “Yeah it’s exactly what I thought, Garfield sounding like Chris Pratt.” but like, as the trailer went on and I heard more…it works for me. I mean you’ll never replace Lorenzo Music he is the GOAT when it comes to Garfield.”

“I can’t explain it but I can’t tell if Garfield sounds like Chris Pratt or if Chris Pratt retroactively just sounds like Garfield.”

What do YOU think of Chris Pratt’s Garfield voice? Does it work for you? Do you miss Lorenzo Music or Bill Murray?? Let us know in the comments!

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