Conservatives are appalled that Dr. Biden invited tap dancers into the White House

Real talk: I could take or leave ballet. I’m just not that into it, although I appreciate the work it takes to become a professional ballerina. But I am 100% into tap dancing. I LOVE tap. I love watching tap performances. So it is very, very cool to me that First Lady Dr. Jill Biden invited the Dorrance Dance company into the White House to do a tap performance of The Nutcracker Suite. Like, when I watched this video, I was like “I can’t believe this is the first time anyone did this in the White House!” It’s magical.

Enjoy! 💕

— Jill Biden (@FLOTUS) December 13, 2023

The ashy, bitter folks in conservative media are screaming, crying and throwing up about this. How dare Dr. Biden invite a tap dance troupe into the White House? Tap isn’t Christmasy!! How dare Black performers do something cool in the White House? Etc, you get the idea. I love all of the people claiming that this isn’t in the spirit of Christmas. Like, it’s The Nutcracker Suite, a Christmas favorite across all artistic genres. It’s been modernized and reenergized with an exciting tap performance. It’s so cool! I can’t believe people are hating on this.

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