Cops Called to Shanna Moakler’s House Following Daughter’s ‘Domestic Disturbance’ Call

The domestic disturbance call comes just days after the model’s boyfriend Matthew Rondeau was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and vandalism in connection with his alleged fight with her.

AceShowbiz -Police reportedly visited Shanna Moakler and her boyfriend Matthew Rondeau‘s house in San Fernando Valley on Thursday, July 28. They rushed to the model’s property after someone called 911 to report a “domestic disturbance,” TMZ reports.

The news outlet further states that the caller, who is later identified as Shanna’s daughter, called 911 to report a disturbance that was going on in the house. She allegedly claimed that her mom’s boyfriend was yelling at her.

Upon arriving, cops knocked at the door and they both answered wearing “skimpy clothes.” After being separated by the police, it is said that both Shanna and Matthew claimed there was no fight and disturbance.

It is also revealed that after the authorities looked around the house, they didn’t find any broken furniture or broken windows. Both Shanna and Matthew were also okay as there were no marks or injury on their body.

Meanwhile, Shanna’s daughter who called 911 was not at the house. That prompted police to believe that this might be a bad game of telephone.

The domestic disturbance call came just days after Matthew was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and vandalism in connection with his alleged fight with Shanna. The 29-year-old actor was previously arrested for allegedly getting physical with his partner during an argument.

Although the pair split at the time, they are believed to have now reconciled and she decided to not press charges against Matthew. “I’m hoping the city attorney respects my wishes and drops everything as well,” the ex-wife of Travis Barker explained. “I will be supporting Matthew 100%. This has disrupted our lives enough. We have both learned from this experience we never wish to have been public and we would like to move forward in a positive and peaceful manner.”

As for Matthew, he’s hoping that the charges will be dropped because he is “an admirable person” and has been left “saddened and disgusted” with the way he has been portrayed. “I pray that the city of L.A. allows me to show them they made the right choice on dropping all charges against me,” the “Murder Party” actor continued. “I am an admirable person, an amazing son, and a very respectable and loving partner.”

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