Depeche Mode Release 'Ghosts Again (Remixes)' EP

Depeche Mode recently released an EP featuring eight remixes of their track “Ghosts Again,” a song from their 15th studio album Memento Mori.

Martin Gore and Dave Gahan approved the collection of reinterpretations of the song.

Chris Liebing and Luke Slater have collaborated for one of the remixes.

“I have been a big fan of Depeche Mode for so many years,” said Liebing. “They have influenced the way that I think about music and DJ. I’m extremely grateful that I could not only do another remix, but that I also got to do it with one of the biggest legends in techno world [Luke Slater].”

Slater added, “When I was a kid I was buying Depeche Mode 7-inches, the early ones. I remember that well…What I love about Depeche Mode is that over the years they have just formed a world of themselves…They’ve kind of covered this timeless zone and I think that’s really special.”

Miss Grit, Matthew Herbert, Rival Consoles and Massano are among the other remixers.

Herbert commented, “I quite liked the idea of ‘We’ll be ghosts again’…everyone vanished from the dancefloor. The idea of the temporary community that’s being built.”

Davide Rossi, who recorded strings for “Memento Mori” and contributed a strings-only version, said, “I wanted to do this [remix] as a tribute to my love for the band. I am so thrilled that they decided to keep it and release it.”

Ghosts Again (Remixes):

1. Ghosts Again Massano Remix
2. Ghosts Again Chris Liebing vs Luke Slater Remix
3. Ghosts Again Miss Grit Remix
4. Ghosts Again Rival Consoles Remix
5. Ghosts Again Matthew Herbert’s Feelings Remix
6. Ghosts Again Davide Rossi Strings Remix
7. Ghosts Again Bergsonist’s Shadow Mix
8. Ghosts Again Nik Colk Void Remix

(Photo: Anton Corbijn)

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