Duchess Meghan made a cute surprise appearance in a Clevr Blends video

Three years ago, we learned that the Duchess of Sussex invested in a small oat-milk latte start-up called Clevr Blends. Clevr Blends is Montecito-based. Soon after she invested in the company, Meghan sent Oprah Winfrey a gift basket with Clevr Blends products, and Oprah quickly did an Instagram video where she blended a latte and praised the company. The palace was blindsided and they made sure to tell everyone that “eyebrows were raised” over an American woman investing in an American start-up. Clevr Blends has been doing great business ever since, so much so that Meghan barely even has to shill for the company – Meghan has popped up on Clevr’s IGs before now, but this is possible the cutest appearance she’s made:

— Katerina 🇺🇦 (@Le__Katerina) December 19, 2023

Please, this is adorable. Meghan in the background of all of the shots, then failing with the fistbump in the last part. Love it. The Mail is predictably incandescent, and they called this video “bizarre” and claimed that “the former senior royal used her connections to promote the company.” Her connections to… Oprah. They make it sound like Meghan forced QEII to make a Clevr Blends commercial on her deathbed. The British papers are also saying Meghan has “gone back to her acting roots.” I hope she has – I would love to see more of Meghan in Clevr’s advertising and social media!

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Archewell.

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