Duran Duran Share Video For New Single 'Black Moonlight'

Duran Duran recently shared the official music video for their new single “Black Moonlight.”

The song is from the band’s 16th studio album, Danse Macabre, which earned the British group their 10th U.K. Top 5 LP.

Grammy-winning director Jonas Åkerlund created the visuals for “Black Moonlight.”

“Black Moonlight” features Duran Duran’s long-time friend and collaborator Nile Rodgers on guitar. Ex-band member Andy Taylor also strums the guitar on the track, which Duran Duran co-produced with Rodgers.

“Shooting Black Moonlight was the most fun we have all had on a video set in many years. I have always felt the best music videos are all about the ideas – having a séance in a haunted house was a perfect fit for this song,” keyboardist Nick Rhodes, who sourced the séance photos for the Danse Macabre album artwork said.

He added, “The director, Jonas Åkerlund, truly understands style, attitude, and atmosphere. He seized the moment and created an extraordinarily unique short film with us Black Moonlight. I think a lot of people will be surprised and, I hope, just a little unsettled by the results…”

Åkerlund said, “Working with Duran Duran is an endless inspiration. It’s a rare gift to work with artists who have such a peerless style and collaborative approach, their videos were one of the main reasons I wanted to make music videos in the first place. I’m so proud to be part of their incredible catalogue of work.

“From the moment I heard Black Moonlight and saw the album artwork I knew exactly what we needed to do,” he continued. “We all shared an interest in the occult and gothic aesthetics, so we dove into the dark side, together.”

(Photo: Raphael Pour-Hashemi; CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia)

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