Facebook Deleting Hateful Lizzo Comments

Facebook is stepping in to scrub hateful comments directed at Lizzo from its social media platforms … and some trolls are even getting their accounts removed.

Sources at Facebook tell TMZ … the company’s already removed a number of comments left on Lizzo’s recent Facebook and Instagram posts, and FB will continue reviewing reports of hateful comments on an ongoing basis.

As we reported … Lizzo broke down on video over the weekend, crying over being the subject of fat-shaming and racist comments. She said she noticed people go out of their way to rip her and she couldn’t make sense of it, and all the hate was getting to her.

Our Facebook sources also tell us they’re removing accounts of users who continue breaking community guidelines around hate speech, harassment and bullying — so, any trolls going after Lizzo could soon get the ax.

Cardi B‘s already come out strong in defense of Lizzo … and now Facebook is stepping in too.

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