‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ podcast #139: Elon Musk isn’t good at Twitter

Introduction: Minutes 0 to 8:00
We’ll have an episode out next week and then we’ll be off on November 20th and November 27th for Thanksgiving in the US. I got my dog a treadmill. Chandra saw Top Gun and Nope. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 8:00 to 26:00
We got a new video with the Crown cast featuring clips from the upcoming season. The palace’s attack on the Crown is making it sound epic. Dominic West, who plays Charles, gave an interview saying that the tampon phone call will be sympathetic and portrayed as lovers’ banter.

We’re still hearing about Harry’s memoir, which we talked about last week. In a petty move, King Charles appointed himself Captain General of the Royal Marines. In his statement he didn’t mention that Prince Philip or Harry had the role before him. The Windsors are also reportedly worried about the book tour and promotion, which they should be. Chandra doesn’t think Harry will go to the UK to promote the book.

Meghan’s podcast this week was about the expectation for wives and mothers to do it all and featured Pamela Adlon, Sam Jay and Sophie Trudeau. Pamela Adlon’s talk really resonated with me. Chandra couldn’t relate as she’s childfree and doesn’t have to compromise. Royal commenter Tom Bower said the quiet part out loud about Meghan. These people have been trying to break up Harry and Meghan for so long. Megyn Kelly also was racist and unhinged about Meghan. Bethenny Frankel has been posting unhinged sh-t about Meghan on TikTok and TikTokers have been taking her to task.

Kate and William are doing stuff again after two and half weeks off. William went to the Tusk Conservation Awards alone on Tuesday, and he was at other conservation events on Wednesday where he was expertly trolled by a Nigerian filmmaker who told him to “Netflix and Chill.” Kate made a video for addiction awareness week and she finally did some events like “taking a meeting” and “making a phone call.” Kate and William did some events in Scarborough later in the week including visiting a youth charity. We also got an article about how they’re going to focus on the cost of living crisis in Britain.

Elon Musk and Twitter: Minutes 26:00 to 31:15
Elon Musk borrowed the money to buy Twitter and is heavily leveraged. He walked into the office with a literal sink, fired the board and senior management and lifted all the restrictions on hate speech. He also wants to charge a monthly subscription for blue checkmarks. The upside is that advertisers are pulling out in droves and this looks like a terrible investment for him. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about this.

Comments of the Week: Minutes 31:15 to end
Thanks to Leanne for her nice text! My comment of the week is from FeatherDuk on the post about Kanye blowing through his money.

Chandra’s comment of the week is from Noki on the post about Kate’s big week.

Thanks for listening bitches!

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