James Haskell: Prince Harry stopped being fun after he met Meghan

These are photos of former rugby player James Haskell. Some of the pics are from 2017, when Prince Harry (then the patron of England Rugby) visited the team and had a chat with James. Some of the pics are from 2018, when James and his wife Chloe attended Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. James and Chloe are getting a divorce now, she left him and he’s really bitter about it. James, Mike Tindall and Alex Payne cohost a rugby podcast and James was “joking” a lot in a recent episode, all about how he’s hid his money and Chloe won’t get anything in the divorce. I hope Chloe provides that episode to the court. Anyway, James also had some sh-t to say about Harry, because of course he did.

The Duke of Sussex admitted in his tawdry memoirs that he was slammed by some of his oldest friends for the explosive interview that he and his wife, Meghan, gave to Oprah Winfrey. One friend who loyally stood by him, however, was James Haskell, the former England rugby star who attended his wedding. Haskell said that he and Harry often compare notes on parenting and even defended his friend’s decision to publish his book, Spare.

‘When someone feels like they and their partner have been oppressed, lied about, contradicted and put into a corner, I think it’s very important [to speak out],’ he said.

Now, though, Haskell has let slip what he really thinks, claiming that Harry has changed for the worse since marrying the American former actress.

Referring to how he met King Charles’s younger son at the 2011 wedding of his friend and fellow former England rugby star Mike Tindall to Zara Phillips, Haskell said: ‘Who should be there, wandering around having a good time, but Prince Harry. He hadn’t met her [Meghan] yet, so he was still quite fun.’

Haskell made the comment on stage at Bath Forum, in Somerset, for the World Cup Afterparty: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – a live version of their popular rugby podcast. His remark was met with cheers and also applause from the audience.

On stage in Bath, Haskell mocked Tindall for his alleged deference to his in-laws.

‘I don’t know how to say this but Tinds is a proper brown-nose around the royals,’ he declared.
‘He’s taken brown-nosing to a new level. They called him “Solesy” at the palace because the only thing you see hanging out of their backsides are the soles of his feet. And he’s also known as a bit of a cuckoo because since he joined up he’s had Harry out and he’s had [Prince] Andrew out [of the family] as well. He’s one big plane crash away from being King.’

With the audience laughing, Haskell joked: ‘He keeps trying to book their travel. Charles will be asking him, “Do we really have to fly to Afghanistan? And all together? And on Ryanair?”‘

[From The Daily Mail]

Eh. Given what little I know about British mindsets, it’s not incompatible to believe that “Harry had every right to tell his story” AND also believe “Harry was a lot more fun before he met Meghan.” I actually think it’s probably true in the sense that in his teens and 20s, Harry was a f–kup, a clown, a boozy mate, cheeky, naughty, what have you. Then he grew up, and people love to blame Meghan for the fact that Harry isn’t that naughty, drunk f–kup anymore. Anyway, this guy sounds like he’s mainlined toxic masculinity and now it oozes out of his pores.

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