Jonnie Irwin asks fans for help with latest project amid terminal cancer battle

Jonnie Irwin has turned to fans for help with his latest home improvement project – admitting: ‘I’ve got no idea what to do.”

The 49 year old A Place in the Sun presenter, who announced he had terminal lung cancer last year, is currently renovating the house he shares with wife Jessica and their children, Rex, four, and twins Rafa and Cormac, three. He shared a video on social media to keep fans updated on the project, including showing off the new cladding and feature windows they have had installed at the front of the property.

In the clip, uploaded to Instagram, Jonnie said that the new windows would completely transform their home, adding: “Natural light is key in this house.” But then he went on to share his confusion over work they were having done to the driveway.

He said: “I didn't really think about it but it's 100 square metres. That’s a lot of product…so I am going to endeavour to use a local supplier because you don't want to be carting up stone on the M1 and it's more environmentally friendly and I’m all about supporting local trades.

“But I’ve got no idea what to do with this. I have got a couple of samples – light or dark cobbles? You decide!"

Some fans commented on the video to share their views – while others simply wanted to say how well Jonnie was looking.

One wrote: “Your looking and sounding great Jonnie, I think I would go for the light grey as I think a large expanse of dark would be too dark.” A second said: “Jonnie, you’re looking fantastic.”

A third added: “Am praying for you and your family. You do look and sound wonderful.” A fourth wrote: “Do you know how much I respect you & love you? Seriously well done you beautiful man.”

Jonnie, whose cancer has spread to his brain, recently opened up about palliative care during an interview on Morning Live. He said it had been a “delight” and that it was not the “doom and gloom operation” that many believe it to be.

“I've been using [palliative care] for three years,” Jonnie revealed. “Palliative care is the care that you're given when the doctors think you won't recover, so I've been in palliative care since day one.

"It's a delight actually, I wouldn't say it's like a hotel but it's like a very very nice private hospital. My perception of a hospice was very much a boiling hot room full of people that look frail and towards the end of their days, but it's nothing of the sort.”

Jonnie has been making memories with his loved ones recently – including a "full-on" family day out earlier this month along with an earlier getaway to the Northumberland coast.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, he left fans concerned after he shared a complaint about hospital waiting times.

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