Judy Greer Finally Achieved Her Lifelong Dream 20 Years After Starting Her Acting Career

Prolific actor Judy Greer has had a vibrant career on both the big and small screen. From her early success in films like 13 Going on 30 to her more recent roles, the 46-year-old has acted in more projects over the last 20 years than many people get to in their entire lives.

However, it’s only now that Greer says she’s finally achieved a lifelong dream she’s been working toward since the start of her career.

Judy Greer’s extensive career has meant a lot of traveling over the years

During the interview, Greer shared her favorite ways to pass the time on long flights. At the top of her list: knitting and reading. For the latter, she also mentioned that she’s been into audiobooks lately. It’s a lot easier to lay back and relax while still enjoying the story. Sometimes she’ll use the time to catch up on TV shows, too. She doesn’t normally get the chance at home.

As for where she likes to travel when not working, she cited a few locations. For starters, the aforementioned Pittsburgh is severely underrated by her estimation. Having first traveled there for movie shoots, she fell in love with the beautiful scenery, great restaurants, sports culture, and creative people that populate the city.

The Detroit native is also a big fan of Japan. “I think I could go to Japan once a year for the rest of my life,” Greer told Condé Nast Traveler. The Thing About Pam star shared how every trip she and her family take there feels like an entirely new experience.

Greer also left an important tip for people looking to do some traveling. If you have the means, she says, fly home business class. While her surprisingly frugal lifestyle means she doesn’t do it too often, she says that extra luxury can help you with the inevitable sadness that comes with leaving a great vacation.

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