Kim Kardashian Reflects On Returning To Paris For First Time Since Robbery

More than two years ago, robbers held Kim Kardashian at gunpoint in her hotel in Paris. On Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the business mogul discussed her feelings about returning to the city nearly 24 months later after the crime took place.

The life-changing trauma in October 2016 caused the reality TV star, then a mother of two, to stay out of the limelight for months. She even took a break from her booming and lucrative social media, according to a People report.

In June, Kim returned to Paris for the spring/summer 2019 Louis Vuitton menswear show nearly two years after her almost unbearable ordeal. Kanye West planned to go to support his long-time friend, Virgil Abloh, who is the Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Artistic Director, and West understood that returning to the City of Lights might be too traumatic for his wife to handle.

“I don’t want to put any pressure on you to go to Paris. I know that was really hard the last time you were in Paris,” said Kanye.

“So I think just for the culture, for Kim K. to show up to the first black designer at [a] Louis Vuitton show who was the best man at my wedding, just the world would just love to see you there.”

When West asked her, the mother of three took some time to think about returning to the scene of the crime, so to speak.

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Kim’s sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, along with their mother Kris, thought it was time for her to return to Paris and face her fears. In doing so, she would take back some of the power the robbers stole that day. The proposed trip was short — just one day.

“I definitely want to be there to support Kanye and Virgil but the last time I was there obviously [was] like a horrific experience for me,” Kim said in an on-camera interview.

“You know, I’m going really cautiously, and I think going for such a short period of time def helps me mentally. But I guess you never know what could happen.”

Ultimately, she told West she wanted to go to support Virgil, and Kim realized that she created so many memories in the city, and she wanted to focus on those instead of her terror at the robbery. Despite an overwhelming amount of paparazzi and Kim’s nerves, the trip went off without a hitch, and in the end, seeing her husband and his friend embrace in tears made the entire ordeal worth the stress.

Upon her return, she told her sisters that “it was so good.”

“Like, honestly, I’m so glad we went. Like he had to be there. For a second, I was like, I was so stressed out over my security, just the movement of everyone. But other [than] that, it was fine. I didn’t really have a lot of anxiety.”

In her final reflection on the horror and the beauty of her times in Paris throughout her life, Kim realized she might return for a longer trip in the future. In all, both the good and the bad made her the person she is today, and she seems pretty happy with who she is now.

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