King Charles III had another pen incident & hes firing some of his staff

King Charles III has been showing off his intemperate side. During his Proclamation Ceremony on Saturday, the set dressing was awkward and someone had placed an inkwell at the bottom of the table instead of the top. An aide had also placed a tray of pens at the bottom of the table, and the new king motioned to an aide to remove them. It did look like Charles “growled” a little, although I have to admit: that was really awful staff work, from the set up with the table to where the pens and the inkwell were placed, it was just poorly thought out. Speaking of bad staff work, King Charles III had to sign something else in Northern Ireland on Tuesday and the whole thing turned into a big, fussy, inky mess:

What’s going on with your British pens? Was the pen provided by the IRA? And here’s another question: surely Charles carries a pen, right? That’s Charles’s generation, a generation of men who always have a pen tucked away in their breast pocket or suit coat pocket. Why is King Charles III out in the world, without a handy pen, dependent on the aides to provide him a shoddy, leaky peasant pen? I know people are like “see, Charles is the worst” about this. While Charles is absolutely a bad person, I keep coming back to the shoddy staff work. Why are you giving any official a leaky pen? Why aren’t staffers prepared to dress their sets for convenience, so the new king won’t look like an ink-stained a–hole? Speaking of, the new king is going to fire a bunch of people.

Employees from King Charles III’s Clarence House staff have been alerted of potential termination as his and Queen Camilla’s office operations move to Buckingham Palace following Queen Elizabeth’s death, The Guardian reports.

On Monday, dozens of employees including the private secretaries, the communications team, household staff and the finance office from Clarence House were given redundancy notice during a service for the late monarch at St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland, according to the report. Staff was informed that they could possibly lose their jobs by way of a letter from the King’s top aide, Sir Clive Alderton.

“The change in role for our principals will also mean change for our household … The portfolio of work previously undertaken in this household supporting the former Prince of Wales’s personal interests, former activities and household operations will no longer be carried out, and the household … at Clarence House will be closed down. It is therefore expected that the need for the posts principally based at Clarence House, whose work supports these areas will no longer be needed,” read Alderton’s letter, seen by The Guardian. Alderton added, “I appreciate that this is unsettling news and I wanted to let you know of the support that is available at this point.”

The letter also stated that employees who gave “direct, close, personal support and advice” would remain in their roles. Those who are being let go are expected to be given an increased redundancy payment as well as assistance in finding new jobs.

“Following last week’s accession, the operations of the household of the former Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have ceased and, as required by law, a consultation process has begun,” a Clarence House spokesman told The Guardian. “Our staff have given long and loyal service and, while some redundancies will be unavoidable, we are working urgently to identify alternative roles for the greatest number of staff.”

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If King Charles’s old Clarence House people were in charge of his first travels and Proclamation Day events, then yes, they’re terrible at their jobs and should be fired. If QEII’s people were in charge, then Charles should fire them and bring in his Clarence House staff to take over. I feel like that’s probably why Charles’s first week has been a bit shambolic, honestly – it’s QEII’s staff in an internal power struggle with the Clarence House staff. I’ve already seen people complaining about the layoffs, but honestly… Charles was already overstaffed, and so was QEII. There *should* be a culling of staff from both BP and CH. What I find hard to believe is that Charles hasn’t already announced widespread layoffs to his mother’s staff, many of whom he dislikes intensely (and many of whom are incompetent).

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