Laughing Teens Intentionally Drive Car Into Cyclist, Killing Him

Two teens were heard laughing on a video as they deliberately plowed their car into a bicyclist in Nevada, killing the man — a retired police chief.

The 17-year-old driver and his passenger were cruising down a street in Las Vegas on August 14, coming up behind Andreas Probst as he rode his cycle in the bike lane.
Filming with his cell phone, the passenger was chuckling with the driver as they plotted to run over Probst. You can hear them say, “Ready?” and “Yeah, hit his ass.”

Moments later, the driver crashed into Probst, causing him to fly up onto the windshield before tumbling to the ground.

Probst was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He reportedly moved to Vegas after retiring as chief from California’s Bell Police Department in 2009.
The teens fled, but the driver was soon arrested for the hit-and-run. The charges were later upgraded to include murder when the video recently surfaced online, showing the crime was intentional.

It wasn’t clear if the passenger was charged.

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