Leo DiCaprio Shows Off Tricked-Out Porsche in NYC

leonardo dicaprio

Leo DiCaprio knows how to roll and he was high rolling in NYC Friday … showing off a tricked-out Porsche to anyone who wanted to see it.

The superstar actor, of course, was in normal Leo mode trying to hide his face under a baseball cap … only this time he came out of his shell and more than a bit.

leonardo dicaprio

TMZ obtained these photos of Leo sitting in the passenger seat of the black sports car parked on a crowded street for the world to gawk at. Usually, Leo stays far, far away from regular folks … but, just look at him, right there in the thick of it on the Lower East Side.

leonardo dicaprio

We’re told Leo was just chilling with his 2 buddies in the epic convertible with a front lid trunk. Our sources say 3 to 4 beautiful women sauntered up to Leo for a little chat before he and his pals rolled off into the sunset.

Unclear where they were headed … but we’re pretty sure where ever it was they had a really good time!

Nice to be Leo.

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