Lori Harvey Trends on Twitter After Rumors of Alleged Sex Tape Emerge

The model daughter of comedian Steve Harvey’s name has been circulating on social media as many users on the blue bird app speculated that there is a video of her getting intimate.

AceShowbizLori Harvey is trending on Twitter. The model daughter of comedian Steve Harvey trended on the blue bird app after rumors of her alleged sex tape emerged on Thursday, August 18.

Some users claimed to have seen the said clip. However, others were desperately looking for the evidence. “I got 17 viruses looking for this Lori Harvey link….my computer bout to blow up. Can y’all stop playing. Is it real or not?” one person argued.

Another echoed the sentiment, “I have downloaded 42 viruses tryna find that Lori Harvey tape. Pease bless me with a link.” A third added, “Lori Harvey link? I’ll go home rn I got PTO.” Someone else, meanwhile, penned, “When you get the Lori Lightfoot sex tape instead of Lori Harvey.”

The speculation emerged after someone shared a screenshot of a text message that read, “I have 3 tapes Lori Harvey,Rihanna and Wendy williams…i’ll show u Lori 1st.”

Along with the screenshot, the individual wrote, “Someone is shopping a sex tape of Lori Harvey. I only said Lori because I actually saw for it myself.” The user added, “I didn’t see the other two yet. I’ll keep you updated. And no, I won’t be posting them.”

The sex tape rumors arrived just a few months after Lori split from Michael B. Jordan. The now-exes had dated for more than a year. Since the breakup, the two have removed all traces of one another on their Instagram pages.

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