Love Islands Shaughna begs to return to support Hugo after Fayes attack

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Love Island's Faye Winter and Sharon Gaffka took offence after Hugo Hammond said he doesn't find women attractive when they have "anything fake".

And now, Shaughna Phillips has demanded to return to the Mallorca villa to talk to Faye and Sharon about how they handled the situation after Hugo was left in tears.

Faye and Sharon have both had cosmetic surgery themselves and took Hugo's comments personally as Faye blasted: "Get f***ing educated as to why girls get work done."

"He literally has grafted for two girls in here who look like they’ve had work done," Sharon said. "I’m f***ing pissed off.

"Girls do it to boost their confidence and I don’t think that should be a negative.”

Hugo insisted he didn't mean it to come across as "malicious" before breaking down into tears as he told Sharon: "I feel like I’ve let you down."

While Sharon understood he was upset, Faye brutally said: "I don’t give a f*** if he’s upset he can f*** off."

Faye then revealed to Hugo: "For me the word fake doesn’t go well. My mum and dad watched me cry every day from the age of 13 to 18 because I was underdeveloped, then they bought me a boob job for my 18th birthday because I was having such a tough time.”

Following on from their conversations on the show, many Love Island fans took to Twitter to discuss the debate.

Shaughna also weighed in as she tweeted: "No Faye isn't telling someone with an actual disability how hard it was for her, so much so that her mum and dfad had to buy her a boob job?

"I didn't just watch that?"

She added: "SEND ME IN THE VILLA #LoveIsland."

One fan replied to Shaughna's tweet with the words: "She's a bully and I'm shocked Love Island are allowing that."

Soon afterwards, Shaughna quote tweeted their response with the words: "Send me innnnaaaaaaaaa the villa!!!!!!!! #LoveIsland."

Another viewer shared: "I have a disability so I agree with this."

"And yet he never said a word. Never made a comparison and didn't try to make it about him. His apology was from the heart," a third commented.

The star also wrote online: "Hugo you absolute king don’t you cry! #LoveIsland."

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