MAFS UKs Jenna reveals emotional story behind Blue Peter badge tattoo

Married at First Sight's Jenna Robinson revealed the emotional story behind her Blue Peter badge tattoo during an Instagram Live with OK! alongside her partner, Zoe Clifton.

The pair – MAFS' first ever lesbian couple – met for the first time at the alter on the Channel 4 show, and they're the only couple that have remained together from this year's series.

During an interview to celebrate their stunning new! magazine shoot, a fan asked about the story behind Jenna's Blue Peter badge tattoo on her arm.

Jenna revealed that she hadn't yet told the story, but that she gets "messages about it all the time".

As she rubbed her arm and looked down at her tattoo, she said: "So basically, everyone knows that my dad passed away during Covid in 2021.

She continued: "So me and my sister both wanted to get a tattoo to represent him and to remember him.

"He used to have quite a dry sense of humour so as kids, or even as adults, if we'd go to him with something that we were really proud of, or if we were like 'oh guess what, we've won the gold star of the week today, dad,' he would be like 'what do you want, a Blue Peter badge?'

"It's just like a bit of a funny thing for him."

Another fan asked Jenna, 33, and Zoe, 31, if they would have an "official wedding" one day as the MAFS weddings aren't legally binding, to which Jenna nodded vigorously.

Zoe joke"d "I'm sweating," before answering: "I think naturally, yeah, I would probably get married, yeah, I think so.

"I think naturally we would have – Jenna hates anything think a tradition – but I think naturally if you've been together, you get married."

Jenna, 33, and Zoe, 31, took part in their first photoshoot after MAFS for this week's new! magazine.

They opened up about their relationship and spilled juicy behind-the-scenes secrets from the show.

Despite being married (albeit not legally) they revealed that they haven't yet moved in together, but they have said the 'L' word to each other.

Speaking of living together eventually, Jenna said: "We have those conversations, but no solid plans. It'll happen naturally at the right time. We've spoken about two places: Brighton or Manchester. I think Brighton would be the ideal place for both of us."

When asked how their relationship is going since the show, Zoe said: "The experiment was a lot for both of us and it was nice to go back and breathe a little bit. We've been enjoying dating."

Jenna added: "It's like doing a relationship backwards. We got married, moved in together and once the experiment was over, we went back into normal life. Started dating, getting to know each other in our own home environments."


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