MARRIED Sophia Bush Pursued MARRIED Ashlyn Harris For 'A Whole Year'?! Ali Krieger 'Has The Messages'!

Oof! Remember how People‘s first confirmation of Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris dating — after both of their marriages went busto — made sure to say there was nothing “salacious”? And also that it was brand new??

Yeah, pretty quickly we got hints that might not be the case. Besides that flirty video from Cannes, we also noticed Ashlyn’s wife (and longtime USWNT teammate) Ali Krieger mentioned entering her “Beyoncé lemonade era” on Instagram. That’s as heavy a hint of cheating as we’ve ever heard! We mean, the entire Lemonade album is about Bey finding out hubby Jay-Z has been cheating on her. What other way could one read into that???

Well, late last week, someone finally spilled what might be the real story behind both their breakups. A source told DeuxMoi it wasn’t some sudden thing they both experienced while in France over the summer — they say the One Tree Hill star had been pursuing Ashlyn for WAY longer than that! And Ali found out!

“Sophia Bush has been flirting with Ashlyn for almost a whole year. Ali has the messages. She threw her out the moment she confirmed that there was cheating.”

If that happened this summer, when sources have said the split between the soccer stars began, would that explain why it seemed so sudden that Sophia was leaving her marriage to Grant Hughes? Once she and Ashlyn got caught, she had to abandon ship, too? Hmm…

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In any case, Ali learning about this from seeing messages is BRUTAL! What’s worse? The source says some of the couple’s friends knew about it — and were helping to cover for Ashlyn’s cheating!

“Ali has cut off people who were supporting or hiding Sophia and Ashlyn all this time.”


This source also claimed Ashlyn was leaving the marriage with NUTHIN:

“Ashlyn is completely broke, she is deep in debt so apparently Sophia is helping out. They have four properties with Ali and Ashlyn and will sell them. But one of them is completely unpaid so all the money will go there. Thank god, Ali has her finances separately and has made provisions for her future retirement. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sophia hires Ashlyn in her non-profit as she did with her husband.”

Whoa! So messy!

Obvi this source is totally anonymous, so there’s no way any of this is verifiable. But it fits better than anything else we’ve heard! Until someone decides to come clean — or air dirty laundry — this may be the closest we get to the truth!

What do YOU think happened, Perezcious readers?? Can you see Sophia cheating on her husband? Or pursuing a married woman for love??

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