Mrs Hinch emotional as she says eldest son Ronnie makes her ‘literally cry’

Mrs Hinch has shared a sweet video of her son Ronnie, as she reveals that she can get somewhat emotional when he's happy and dancing.

Posting to Instagram, the social media influencer, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, shared a video of the youngster dancing to some Christmas music.

Adding text to the clip, the mum-of-two, 33, wrote: "When Ron laughs and dances like this I literally cry. I wish I could keep him this happy with me forever [white heart emoji]"

Sophie recently opened up to OK! about Christmas plans, revealing that despite being the 'Queen of clean' she loves mess over the festive period.

She told us: "I actually love mess at Christmas. People think because I’m Mrs Hinch, there can’t be any mess or any toys out.

"But that’s not the case. There’s mess everywhere at times and I love it, especially at Christmas – that’s what makes a home."

And sharing how she and family will be celebrating, she continued: "The boys are at the perfect age this year, so Christmas morning is going to be so magical. I can’t wait to see their faces.

"Santa plays a big part in our house and they love learning about him. They leave him a mince pie and a carrot for Rudolph, too."

And as Christmas Day gets ever nearer, Sophie unveiled her towering Christmas tree, which was decorated in flowing gold ribbons, red flowers and plenty of lights and baubles.

She also shared that she had found perfect present for her doll-mad son Lennie, buying him a brand new doll, pram and cot to be delivered by Santa on Christmas Eve.

Sharing her bargain buy on social media, the Instagram star shared a snap of the gift in question as she wrote: “Lennie absolutely loves his dolls. (I’m currently adding batteries to some things before I wrap.) And I can’t deal with his new doll, pram and cot from Santa! Bring on Christmas Day!”

One follower then criticsed her for her choice of gift, accusing her of "virtue signalling" and telling her that her husband should "step in and defend his son’s honour."

Sharing a screenshot to her Instagram Story, Sophie hit out the message, writing: "Sorry but what the actual hell even is this message? Because I have bought my son a doll and pram? Is it me or what the hell is going on nowadays! I must be on a different planet.”

In a subsequent story, she then continued: "Guys, what do you even say to a message like that? I haven’t replied but sometimes you just get some messages and you think: What the hell?

"I bought my son a doll, a pram and a cot because he loves dollies. He loves putting them to bed. He loves pushing the pram. I didn’t think anything of it and then I get that sort of grief. No words. No blooming words."

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