Olly Murs admits ‘I thought those days were gone’ as he splits trousers on stage


Dance with Me Tonight singer Olly Murs gave audiences an eyeful last night after accidentally ripping his trousers on stage. 

Following his gig in Stoke on Trent, the pop star sheepishly addressed the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on social media. 

Taking to Twitter, the 39-year-old former X Factor finalist wrote: “For anyone that noticed.. yes I did split my trousers tonight. 

He added sweating and crying-laughing emojis before admitting to his 6.7 million followers: “I thought those days were gone.”

Olly’s followers took to the comments section to share their amusement and surprise at his hilarious admission.

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“Omg I didn’t even notice!” Zoe wrote with laughing emojis, while Bethany quipped: “I’m fairly certain you actually enjoy it.”

“No wonder you were on fire tonight!!!” Joyce added, as Charlotte penned with more laughing emojis: “Oh god, I wish I had of been there to see that.” (sic) 

While Chloe asked: “Is it really tour time tho if this doesn’t happen?” (sic) 

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“Aww Olly what you like bet that was embarrassing,” wrote Amy, while Chelsea quipped: “You’ll always be the guy that splits his trousers at least once whilst on tour.” (sic) 

Reports from that evening also say that fans booed Olly at first after telling his adoring crowd that he was a single man at the start of his tour but that he’s now a married man. 

When he asked them why they were booing him, he went on to cheekily quip: “You have missed your chance with me.”

He then added that he was the “happiest I have ever been”, prompting the audience to clap as he showed off his wedding ring. 

Olly tied the knot with longtime partner Amelia Tank last month in a fairytale wedding on the secluded Osea Island in the Blackwater Estuary.

He proposed to his fitness-focused wife on June 4 last year on a clifftop in Cornwall.

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