Princess Kate wore a purple Emilia Wickstead suit to her ‘national symposium’

Here are some photos of the Princess of Wales arriving at the Design Museum in London, where she’s hosting the “Shaping Us National Symposium” with the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. It’s a wonder she hasn’t hyped this symposium for weeks, but I would assume that she was told that she couldn’t spread her promises to be keen far and wide given how much attention King Charles and Prince William needed for their respective tours and projects. The fact that we only heard about the symposium on Monday has given this whole thing a slap-dash feel. Not only that, it feels typical of Kate’s projects – wholly organized by staff, and Kate just shows up in a new outfit and gurns.

Speaking of the new outfit, Kate’s purple suit is by Emilia Wickstead, according to the Mail. I thought it had a McQueen feel to it, but if it’s Wickstead, so be it. No shade, it’s a great suit and it looks great on Kate. She looks much fresher and more well-rested here than she did during Remembrance Sunday. It’s painful that Kate doesn’t wear purple, burgundy and blood red more often because those colors really suit her.

Kate’s staff briefed the media that this symposium has gathered experts from “21 countries” to conduct “a first of its kind global listening exercise.” Meaning, this all should have been a report with bullet points which then gets emailed and shared among experts. Kate also promised to give a “landmark speech.” They’re setting her up to fail. They also made her wear a different suit so they could make a dumb preview video.

— The Prince and Princess of Wales (@KensingtonRoyal) November 14, 2023

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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