Russell Wilson Proves It's Hip To Be A "Square"

Try as they might, no one can make Russell Wilson feel bad about being a good husband to singer Ciara. He made that clear on Friday (June 10) as he shared a video of himself surprising her before an event for her Ten To One Rum, which she co-owns. He waited in the cut with dozens of roses as she made her entrance to the party, his appearance causing her to turn around and jump in his arms giddily. Wilson’s caption? “Stay Squared Up my friends.”

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He also took to his InstaStories to share behind-the-scenes clips of the moment, saying, “When you that ‘square’ waiting to surprise ur lady” and “I’m gunna stay ‘squared up.’”

This is a subliminal response to the guys who have disrespected the couple, including former NFL player Channing Crowder, by claiming that the singer is only with Wilson because of his wealth (he’s one of the highest paid overall players in the NFL) because he’s “corny,” “lame” and a “square” compared to her exes (namely, rapper Future). She, in their opinion, has a type, and the Denver Broncos QB isn’t it. But the reason for him being is because he’s genuinely himself. He’s not the coolest, but ice cube in the tray (clearly I’m not either), but he treats the “Level Up” singer incredibly well, which is unorthodox to the hypermasculine.

Crowder regrets bringing Ciara into his comments, but stands by his recent statements regarding Wilson.

“Have you seen, ‘Mr. Unlimited’?! And this goofy s–t he does?!” he said on The Breakfast Club this week. “I don’t know why so many people were mad at my opinion of Russell Wilson is a square and a lame. I didn’t call him an alcoholic. I didn’t call him a deadbeat dad. I didn’t call him a pedophile. I called him lame!”

But neither party seems to be shaken. Wilson will continue to be a proud square, and Ciara, will continue to appreciate him for treating her better than any man before him. For the record, she made known her gratitude for his most recent romantic gesture, writing in her own InstaStories, “I love you so much baby. This was the sweetest surprise. You’re the best.”

Yes, it’s hip to be a square — especially when you’re married to a queen like Ciara. So unbothered he remains.

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