Sharon Stone admits the death of her brother has been 'devastating'

EXCLUSIVE – ‘It’s a lot. It’s devastating’: Sharon Stone opens up about her grief over the sudden deaths of her brother Patrick and 11-month-old nephew River – admitting she’s still ‘just trying to understand it’

  • The Casino actress lost her brother Patrick, 57, to a heart attack in February 
  • His tragic passing came just two years after the death of his infant son River 
  • Speaking exclusively to, the actress confided: ‘I’m just trying to take each day as it comes. I just have to try to understand’
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Sharon Stone has achieved the kind of success that her fellow actors can only dream of – but the untimely deaths of her brother Patrick, 57, and infant nephew River have been a brutal leveler for the Hollywood A-lister.  

The 65-year-old Basic Instinct star lost her beloved brother in February after he suffered a sudden and fatal heart attack – just 18 months after his 11-month-old son River passed away from total organ failure. 

Now Sharon has opened up about the brutal toll their deaths have had on her, telling at the NYWIFT Muse Awards: ‘It’s a lot, the impact is just devastating.’

Speaking about her grieving process, the actress admitted that she is still struggling to come to terms with the heartbreaking losses, saying: ‘I’m just trying to take each day as it comes. I just have to try to understand.’

Sharon Stone has opened up to about her ‘devastating’ grief over the death of her brother Patrick, who passed away from a fatal heart attack in February

Speaking at the NYWIFT Muse Awards, Sharon (seen with Patrick) admitted she is ‘just trying to understand’ the loss of her brother – who passed away 18 months after his infant son River died

Sharon’s nephew River (seen) died in August 2021 of total organ failure at the age of 11 months and the actress said the losses of two of her family has been ‘devastating’ 

The actress noted that she has ‘worked with death a lot’ in her role as an AIDS ambassador, but confided that the impact that the losses of her brother and nephew have had on her has still been unbearable. 

‘Because I’ve worked with AIDS so long, I’ve worked with death a lot but the impact is just devastating,’ she shared. ‘I’m just trying to take each day as it comes.’ 

Sharon sent shockwaves throughout the world when she took to Instagram to  announce her younger brother Patrick’s death in February. 

‘Hello everybody, this message is to confirm that, yes, we did lose my brother, Patrick Joseph Stone, to a heart attack yesterday,’ the heartbroken star shared in a short video. 

And not only did she speak of the devastating loss of her brother but also that of her baby nephew River, who was just 11 months old when he died from multiple organ failure in August 2021.  

‘Yes, he is the man who was the father to River who we lost last year at 11 months old,’ she said. ‘He is survived by his wife Tasha and his son Hunter and his daughter Kaylee.’

The baby boy passed away just days after he was found in his crib suffering ‘severe organ failure’ that left him in a coma. 

‘My nephew and godson River Stone was found in his crib [with] total organ failure today,’ she shared. 

Sharon shared the news of her brother’s death in a heartbreaking Instagram video that was posted in February

Speaking at the NYWIFT Muse Awards, Sharon admitted ‘the impact is just devastating’, adding that she is ‘just trying to take each day as it comes’

‘Like any family, we thank you for your love and support in this time of immeasurable grief and we appreciate all of your condolences,’ the actress said. ‘Yes we’ve had a tremendous amount of loss in these last couple of years, as so many of you also have.’

The Total Recall actress ended the clip by showing gratitude to her fans:  ‘I thank you very much for the love and support that you’re showing us and we just ask you to continue to be kind. Thank you.’

Sharon’s sister-in-law Tasha also shared the shock news of her husband’s death on Instagram:   ‘My heart feels like it’s been ripped out of my chest. Patrick went to be with our sweet River… I don’t know what else to say, he was my world.’

She added further, ‘I’m not sure what life is supposed to look like without my husband by my side and quite honestly I don’t want to, but I will of course.

‘I just hope that you always stay by my side watching over Hunter, Kaylee and I.’

Sharon was born to Dorothy and Joseph William Stone in 1958 and grew up with three siblings, who she maintained close bonds with even as she ascended to the heights of Hollywood fame.

Her older brother Michael Stone, 72,  tried to follow his sister’s path into acting, with a role in 1995 film The Quick and the Dead but barely made waves in Hollywood. 

Later, having successfully battled his addiction to substances, Michael’s son Colin met a tragic end having succumbed to his own drug addiction, passing away from a drug overdose at just 22. 

Patrick is survived by his wife, Kelly (pictured together), as well as two of their children, son Hunter and daughter Kaylee

Sharon first shared the news about her nephew’s organ failure in August 2021, when she issued a plea to her fans for their prayers  

Sharon’s two younger siblings, Kelly Stone Singer, 62, and Patrick, led more typical lives. 

Sharon’s younger sister Kelly, almost died during the pandemic when she was admitted to hospital with COVID-19 which was made worse because she suffers from autoimmune disease Lupus. 

Kelly had critical symptoms and was admitted to the hospital, due to severe breathing issues. 

At the time, Sharon took to social media to inform her followers about her sister’s progress while slamming ‘non-mask wearers’ for putting compromised people like her sibling at greater risk. 

‘My sister Kelly, who already has lupus, now has COVID-19,’ she said. 

‘One of you Non-Mask wearers did this. She does not have an immune system. The only place she went was the pharmacy. There is no testing in her county unless you are symptomatic, & then it’s 5 day wait for results.’ 

While speaking about her sister’s battle with the illness in an Instagram video shared in August 2020, Sharon also shared that her mother, Dorothy, had suffered ‘two heart attacks’ in the five months leading up to her post.   

Stone said her mother had to have ‘five stents’, which help open the arteries and prevent blockages in the heart – and a pacemaker as a result.

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