Strictly’s Shirley Ballas, 63, reveals how small gesture won heart of boyfriend Danny Taylor, 50

Shirley Ballas has revealed she made the 'first move' in her relationship with boyfriend Danny Taylor, after meeting the actor back in 2019.

The Strictly Come Dancing head judge, 63, first crossed paths with Danny, 50, when they were both starring in a Christmas pantomime production of Jack and the Beanstalk and it wasn't long until romance blossomed between the pair.

And it was all thanks to a small but kind gesture by Shirley – who charmed her co-star with food, explaining: "I’d bring him lemon drinks with honey and I’d make him little sandwiches."

Shirley, who was previously married to ballroom dancer Corky Ballas, was instantly attracted to her beau, branding him "drop-down-dead gorgeous" in a new interview.

“He’s drop-down-dead gorgeous — 6ft 2in with blue eyes and black hair, you know. And he won rear end — oh, what was it, West End rear end of the year! — twice. He’s got the cutest bottom in the industry," she told The Times.

Danny was going through a break-up when they met on the set of Jack and the Beanstalk and she ended up inviting him round for Christmas after realising he had no where to go.

“I just was attracted to him, and he was going through a break-up.. I invited him for Christmas because he didn’t have anywhere to go. And he didn’t have anywhere to live because she’d thrown him out. So it started like that and developed from there.”

And giving some insight into their relationship, Shirley said that unlike the men she had been with previously, Danny did not expect her to always look camera ready.

Admitting that in the past she's had to wear make-up to bed to please her lovers, she said that wasn't the case with Danny, who wiped it gently off.

She explained: “[With the others] it was keep make-up on, have all the fancy negligees and whatever else and the rest of it, but he lets me wear my Marks & Spencer pyjamas and my big-girl knickers.”

Despite being smitten with actor Danny, Shirley has shut down any rumours of marriage, revealing she's ruled out the possibility of the pair tying the knot.

She explained that while they had discussed getting hitched, they've decided not to go down that route and are happy as they are.

The Strictly judge addressed the topic of marriage during an appearance on Loose Women last month, saying she and Danny are in a "good place" and she's made the decision "not to get married".

The dancer said: "I love my boyfriend to bits but I have made a conscious decision, this year, as I'm sitting here now with you wonderful women not to get married".

Explaining her decision she said: "I just think that we're in a good place, our relationship works. And I think as my son said 'well it was you who was pushing to get married mother let's face it'.

"So I just think I want to be able to up and off to the United States and stay here and go there and be where I want to be".

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