Tanya Bardsley facelift before and after: ‘I felt dowdy – now look 5 years younger’

Tanya Bardsley has revealed the incredible results of a non-surgical skin treatment that claims to remodel and contour the face.

The former Real Housewives Of Cheshire star, 41, opened up about her striking new look, exclusively telling us how "middle-aged bloat" brought on by a combination of the perimenopause and ageing had shattered her self-confidence.

"I have to tell people about this because it’s made me feel much more confident, attractive, vibrant and glowing," she reveals. "I look five years younger and feel much more toned and chiselled."

Despite her stunning appearance, Tanya says she’d become so downhearted in recent months that she found it a struggle to look in the mirror.

"I found myself grabbing a jowl every time I looked at my reflection. It was hard work," she says. "I was feeling dowdy and old and they’re not good feelings. I just wanted to feel and look younger again.

"As I’ve said before, I would eat donkey poo if it made me look younger! And I do feel great again – all the puffiness has gone and everyone has been noticing the results and asking me if I’ve had fillers.

"But I haven’t had fillers in my face for 18 months as it was starting to make my face look bigger. This is a non-invasive treatment and it’s slimmed my face down completely."

She adds, "I feel like there must have been trapped water or air in my face or something. The results are just unbelievable and the procedure is totally pain-free."

Along with a more prominent jawline and a slimmer look, Tanya says scars she had as a result of battling adult acne following the birth of her first son, Rocco, in 2009, have improved significantly.

"My acne scars are less prominent," she says. "They were all on the main section of my cheeks. I got adult acne after the birth of my first son – it was really bad. There were some quite deep pockmarks that have reduced. I’ve got an overall glow now."

The 45-minute procedure, called PureDerma by Pure Skin, costs around £200 per session and a course of three treatments gives optimum results.

The radiofrequency is said to energise the skin, trigger new collagen production, and penetrate the deep dermis and sub-dermal layers to create a more youthful look.

Since December, Tanya has had three sessions every six weeks at Rouge Aesthetics in Liverpool after a pal recommended the treatment.

"I saw my friend Lauren one day and thought she looked absolutely incredible. I said to her, ‘What have you had done? I need to get it – book me in!’ I’ve had lots of micro-needling procedures in the past, but none that have been quite as effective as this," she explains.

"It’s both micro-needling with a radiofrequency together, so it’s a double whammy. In the past, I’ve just had one or the other, not both together, but it bloody works. It has taken all of the middle-aged bloat out of my face and my jawline is amazing."

Tanya says she noticed a noticeable improvement on her face even after the first treatment.

"I saw a massive difference, mainly on my jawline," she says. "I think that’s because it’s what I stare at most, because that’s what’s giving way first. It was sagging and the treatment lifted it.

"I felt like the little needles were popping all the trapped air and toxins. That’s not scientifically proven, but that’s what I felt like it had done. I looked like a new woman afterwards."

Along with her face, Tanya explains she chose to have the treatment on her neck and chest, areas she felt were deteriorating with age. She also had it done to the stretch marks on her thighs.

"You can have this treatment anywhere on the body. I’ve only had one session on my chest, but I’m going to have more," she tells us. "I noticed a difference, as that area was really giving away my age. I never used to wear sunscreen when I was younger, so my chest used to get burnt.

"I also had stretch marks on my thighs done and they are so old and deep. I thought, ‘Nothing’s going to sort those out,’ but I could see the results after just one go."

Tanya, who was diagnosed with ADHD in 2020 – exclusively revealed to us in November that she was experiencing symptoms of the perimenopause.

She said, "I think I’m pre-menopausal. I keep having mad sweats, my periods are messed up. Us women have it hard."

The star quit The Real Housewives Of Cheshire at the end of 2021 following a stress-induced seizure and mental breakdown.

Her health issues triggered her decision to quit alcohol and Tanya says she hopes the lifestyle change will mean the results of her non-surgical procedure will last longer.

"They say the results are up to a year, but it depends on your lifestyle,” she explains. “I’ve stopped drinking, mainly because of the perimenopause. I can’t drink alcohol – a depressant – and not get depressed.

"I kept trying, hoping I’d get a different result and I didn’t. It was getting worse and worse and I’m riding ADHD bareback. I just feel like I’m a bag of symptoms, but I’m coping well."

Tanya has been married to Stockport County footballer Phil Bardsley for nine years and the pair have sons Rocco, 14, Renz, 10 and Ralphi, six, together. She also has a daughter, Gabrielle, 20, from a previous relationship.

And while you might expect hubby Phil to be thrilled with the results of her procedure, she says he’s a “typical bloke” and hasn’t noticed the difference to her face.

She says, "Phil doesn’t notice anything. Even if I changed my hair into bright green spikes, he wouldn’t notice, the big lump!

"But Phil always says a fussy man is a lonely man. He doesn’t care – he’s just grateful to have me. But all the girls noticed straight away. Four of my friends – not the RHOC girls, but other friends – are getting the same thing done now."

Tanya is no stranger to having surgical procedures. She has had two boob jobs – the first in 2005 and a second in 2018, which unfortunately went wrong.

She explains, "With the second one I had haematoma [a collection of blood within the breast]. They went black and I thought I was going to lose my nipples. I‘ve got really bad scars, I’m terrified to touch them again, so I’m just living with the scars.

"I’m going to get them tattooed – probably semi-permanent make-up. But they’re hidden in a bra and I’m more bothered about my face, because people see my face."

At the same time as her second boob job, Tanya had liposuction on her upper abdomen and back. Then, in January 2022, she had a tummy tuck and an eyebrow lift, which she says she "loves, loves, loves" the result of.

She adds, "They were so heavy, it was like carrying the Eiffel Tower on my eyebrows. They’re much better now."

Tanya also admits to having lip fillers every 18 months and Botox every four months, but says she has no plans for invasive surgery.

She adds, "I’m done with going under the knife. I’m happy, but if I have an event or something, this procedure chisels me so much that I might have a top-up then."


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