Taylor Swift wore Versace to sweep the 2023 MTV VMAs: cute or tragic?

For years now, the MTV VMAs and Movie Awards have been in the depths of hell – like, no A-listers were showing up to those events, and it was just an endless parade of C-listers and reality stars. I figured this year’s VMAs would be the same, but MTV somehow got a bunch of big-name people to come out. Of course, I kind of think the only reason Taylor Swift went to the VMAs is because MTV guaranteed that Taylor would sweep, which is what happened – she won NINE VMAs this year. For the red carpet, Taylor wore Versace… you guys, this dress is so bad. Like, WTF? Who picked this out for Taylor? And who styled her?

Here’s Olivia Rodrigo in a great Ludovic de Saint Sernin dress. So pretty.

Shakira picked up the MTV Video Vanguard Award, and she wore Versace on the carpet (and on stage). I love how sparkles and metallics are back this year!

Cardi B wore the “Dilara Findikoglu hair clip dress,” a dress made out of hundreds of hair clips. She looked cool.

Selena Gomez wore this red Oscar de la Renta dress. Eh, kind of phoned it in?

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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