The Bachelorette Season 19: Meet the Men Who Will Compete For Gabby and Rachels Hearts!

Well, a new season of The Bachelorette is almost upon us.

And with it comes a new crop of young suitors who will compete for the affections of Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

A list of 35 contestants was revealed back in March.

But earlier this week, host Jesse Palmer appeared on TikTok to reveal that the pool had been narrowed down to just 32 suitors.

This, of course, will be the first time that the show has featured two co-Bachelorettes.

At the time of her casting, Rachel said she wants "someone that’s supportive and someone that loves me."

Gabby said she's seeking a man who's "emotionally intelligent, mature, who can challenge me."

And both women say their thrilled to have a close friend by their side throughout the process.

"Having a friend by my side is the best thing I could ask for," Gabby said of Rachel.

"I am so happy for her. I truly am. This is insane and I’m excited to do this journey with you. We did it once together," Rachel added.

"I feel like we both have been through so much, so I’m ready for us both to get our happy ending."

So without further ado, here's the complete cast of The Bachelorette Season 19, which will premiere on ABC on July 11.

1.Alec G.

2.John A.

3.Spencer S.

4.Zach S.

5.Tyler N.

6.Tino F.

7.Termayne H.

8.Ryan M.

9.Roby S.

10.Quincey W.

11.Nate G.

12.Nate M.

13.Jake R.

14.Brandan H.

15.Michael V.

16.Matt L.

17.Mario V.

18.Logan P.

19.Kirk B.

20.Justin B.

21.Jordan V.

22.Johnny D.

23.Joey Y.


25.Ethan K.

26.Erich S.

27.Chris A.

28.Colin F.

29.Aven J.

30.Jason A.

31.Hayden M.

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