'The Pioneer Woman' Star Ree Drummond's Mug Omelets Offer 'Endless' Choices for a Quick Breakfast

Food Network personality Ree Drummond puts an easy, speedy, and delicious breakfast on the menu with her mug omelet recipes.

With a variety of choices for just about any appetite, The Pioneer Woman host offers something for everyone.

Drummond says she found herself constantly cooking during the pandemic

The culinary personality explained in her 2021 cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks Super Easy that the brainstorm behind her mug omelet recipes came during the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic when all four of her children were home.

“As was the case with countless families in the world, the 2020 Covid quarantine meant extra kids and lots of extra kitchen mess in my house,” she wrote. “After many tears and temper tantrums (mine, not the kids’), I started letting the various members of my household take their daily meal destiny into their own hands.”

Mug omelets ‘saved’ Ree Drummond from making yet another meal of the day

With that, Drummond declared to her household her unwillingness to “be a line cook” on an ongoing basis.

And mug omelets came to the rescue for fast breakfasts anyone could make and have remained a great habit in her family, she shared.

“These [omelets] saved mornings in our household during those desperate months, but they have absolutely taken hold and become a staple now,” the busy mom wrote, adding that the quick egg dishes are “the fastest way to satisfy your omelet cravings, and the variations are endless.”

Get the complete recipes for Ree Drummond’s Mug Omelets in her cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks―Super Easy. You can also find the basic recipe on Food Network’s site.

Her 3 mug omelet recipes are delicious and satisfying

Each mug omelet, according to Drummond, starts by greasing the inside of a 12-ounce mug with butter. Two eggs, milk, salt, and black pepper are added and stirred together. After that, add in whatever mix-ins strike your fancy.

For the Food Network host’s Denver omelet, diced ham, green bell pepper, and grated cheese are stirred in.

Her Mushroom-Swiss option, which she calls her “personal fave” includes chopped mushrooms, grated Swiss cheese, chopped spinach leaves, and minced chives.

Lastly, Drummond’s “zesty, cheesy, and spicy” Southwest recipe calls for jarred salsa, grated Monterey Jack cheese, and sliced green onions. She adds that the “heat factor” for this one can be boosted by stirring in hot sauce, ground cayenne pepper, and two chopped jarred jalapeños before cooking: “that’ll definitely wake you up!”

Once all ingredients have been mixed into the mug omelet of your choice, “clean the upper inside of the mug with a damp paper towel” then microwave the omelet for about 90 seconds. Take the mug from the microwave, mix the contents with a fork “to break up any large clumps,” and then cook it for another 90 seconds. Make sure you let it rest for a couple of minutes before digging in, Drummond adds.

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