UFC's Dana White Passionately Defends Bud Light Deal In Interview W/ Tucker Carlson

Dana White isn’t backing down on his decision to work with Bud Light again despite the blowback … saying anyone proud to be an American should be drinking the UFC’s official beer straight from the keg.

The UFC honcho addressed the recent sponsorship deal in an interview with Tucker Carlson this week … and when the host suggested everyone should still be boycotting Anheuser-Busch over its Dylan Mulvaney partnership, White dug in his heels.

“If you consider yourself a patriot, you should be drinking gallons of Bud Light,” White said with authority. “Gallons of Bud Light.”

“You should have Bud Light drums stacked in your garage.”

White explained he has an inside look on the beer biz … and people should take him at his word when he said the common drinker is “way more aligned with Bud Light” than any other brand out there.

Of course, it echoes what White initially said shortly after the deal was announced … when he revealed there were other options before he picked Bud Light after several years with Modelo, but he preferred AB for its values as a company.

Carlson also talked to Kid Rock about the Bud Light controversy recently … and the singer said he is moving on from the boycott, as he feels the beer company got the message.

Drink up.

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