Ulrika Jonsson slams Steve-O for ghosting Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon jokes about her first kiss with Joe Swash

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Ulrika Jonsson has slammed Jackass star Steve-O for the way he treated Stacey Solomon, 33, during their six-month romance. In his new book, the 48-year-old said he still “beats himself up” over ghosting the X Factor star as he reflected on past relationships.

Ghosting is a term used to describe the behavior of somebody who ends a personal relationship with someone suddenly and without explanation.

By his own admission, Steve-O said he “got what he wanted” from Stacey and then left.

Ulrika said she only learnt what it meant a few years ago and was “horrified” that suchy behaviour happened.

Expressing her sympathy for Stacey, she wrote in her column: “She would have got to know his family and her two sons, Leighton and Zachary.

“I can only imagine how baffled, confused, heartbroken and angry Stacey must have been.

“Because the thing about just disappearing — extracting yourself from someone’s life in that way — is that instead of drawing a line under things, it throws up more questions.”

The presenter said ghosting wouldn’t have happened before phones and social media when “people took greater responsibility for their behaviour”.

She added to The Sun: “Nowadays, with greater connectivity — social media platforms and dating apps galore — no one has to think twice about entering someone’s life and then slipping out of it in this ghostly manner.”

Ulrika went on to say Steve-O “isn’t a young whipper-snapper” and “should have known better”.

But, she acknowledged he had taken ownership of his regretful actions.

Ulrika said the same thing happened to her recently when a date she got on with “disappeared without a trace”.

“It wasn’t my ego that was bruised, it was an absolute inability to comprehend why someone would behave like that,” she added.

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She went on to say he did come back after the short silence, adding: “Most of them do.”

Stacey has had the last however as she is now happily married to Joe Swash.

The couple tied the knot at a lavish ceremony back in 2015.

They share two children together; three-year-old Rex and one-year-old Rose.

She also has two older sons from past relationships, while Joe also has a teenage son with an ex.

Earlier this year, Joe said he’d be open to having more children with Stacey, despite her saying Rose would be their last.

He told the Daily Mail’s You Magazine: “Having kids is addictive, I love it.

“I love being a dad and a husband. If I can be half what my dad was to us as a family, then I’d be happy.

“And I’m never going to say never to more kids. Let’s see what happens.”

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