Why wasn’t Princess Kate around when Harry first introduced Meghan?

Prince Harry’s Spare really reset the narrative on Prince William and Kate’s behavior towards Meghan when he first introduced them. William and Kate were huge Suits fans and they already knew who Meghan was. Harry absolutely insinuated that William was a particularly big fan, and that William likely had a crush on Meghan. In Spare, Harry recalls introducing Meghan and William, and Meghan leaned in to hug William and he “recoiled.” Harry also mentioned that William seemingly wanted to meet Meghan alone, without Kate around – that Kate was out with the children when Harry brought Meghan over to their Kensington Palace home. This whole time, we’ve never actually heard the story of Meghan and Kate’s first meeting though. Even Omid Scobie’s Endgame didn’t have much of anything about it (Finding Freedom did, but who knows if that version was true), but the Mail is still trying to make “mistranslations” into a bigger thing. This whole thing is so f–king weird.

The publication of Omid Scobie’s Endgame has caused a huge fallout after two ‘royal racists’ were named in the Dutch version of the book – and now it seems another translation issue in Prince Harry’s memoir months earlier could have wrongly painted the Princess of Wales in a bad light. After the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, it was widely reported that Kate chose to remain outside in the garden at Kensington Palace with her children rather than meet Meghan on the first day she came over to be introduced to William.

However, Spare was accidentally released in Spain days before the official publication date in January 2023, and Harry’s words, translated from Spanish to English, have been widely misinterpreted as Kate being nearby in the garden, rather than away from home altogether. According to Prince Harry’s own words in the English language version, he asked William where Kate was, to which his brother replied: ‘Out with the kids’.

In Spare, released in January this year, the Duke of Sussex recalled the first time he brought Meghan over to William and Kate’s home so they could meet each other. The book described the scene with Meghan giving William a big hug, something which took ‘Willy’ by surprise because he’s not much of a hugger, according to Harry. The pair exchanged pleasantries and Harry then asked William where Kate was, to which his brother replied: ‘Out with the kids’. It didn’t seem like a big deal with Harry responding, ‘Ah, too bad. Next time.’

Although he recalls Meghan’s first meetings with the Queen, Charles, Camilla and William in the book, he never actually mentions what happened when she was first introduced to Kate. But later in Harry’s memoir, he describes an evening between the four where Meghan cooked dinner and everyone appeared to get along.

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Yeah, Spare makes it clear that the first time Kate and William invited the Sussexes into their home was after the wedding, after Harry and Meghan had repeatedly invited W&K to dinner at Nottingham Cottage. But it’s definitely weird that no one really knows, for sure, what happened when Meghan and Kate first met and that Harry never described it.

I’ve started to develop a theory about Harry, actually – even though he’s sensitive and empathetic, he’s still a dude and there were several moments where he blundered around, not realizing that his decisions and behavior were going to boomerang back on Meghan. He was saying “no” to things on Meghan’s behalf and instead of Harry taking the hit for it, Meghan took the hit. He didn’t realize that Will and Kate would treat Meghan so poorly, he didn’t understand for months, perhaps years, that Will and Kate were absolutely a huge part of the campaign against Meghan.

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