‘Alienated’ Alyssa Farah Griffin is ‘fighting’ and ‘returning an attack’ amid fears she’ll be fired, says expert | The Sun

ALYSSA Farah Griffin may have kicked off a counterattack on The View amid worries she will be cut from the hit daytime TV show.

According to a body language expert, the host's "fighting" gestures have been visible for months.

Alyssa, 34, shared a clip to her Instagram on Sunday in which she silently panned The View set behind her.

The video was captioned: "Throwback: behind the scenes of our @theviewabc promo shoot in August."

Dressed in a bright pink dress with a noticeably low neckline, the daytime TV host wore thick makeup.

Body language expert Judi James claimed there is a reason Alyssa only just released her clip.

She also said the former White House Director of Strategic Communications' "Barbie pink dress" and “fixed spray-on smile” were telling.

Interestingly, The U.S. Sun also revealed eyewitnesses on set claimed Alyssa often stood alone during breaks and went on her phone.

They said Alyssa had said: "There is a mug curse where when your face is on the mug you get fired.”

In an exclusive interview, James told The U.S. Sun: "If Alyssa is worried about being dropped then her Barbie dress clip and timings were like political-style campaigning.

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“She could be building her own fan base like a politician building votes.

“With her fixed, teeth-baring smile, this was Alyssa's power move.

"Her people-pleaser body language was aimed more than ever at her personal fans.

“Alyssa has also been seen on set fighting her own corner furtively for a while.

"She can be seen baring her teeth and fixing her smile whenever the others take her on.”

Alyssa’s conservative opinions mean it has become typical for the CNN pundit to be at loggerheads with her more liberal co-hosts.

Thursday's show also saw Alyssa singled out when Whoopi Goldberg asked her if she was pregnant.

Alyssa put her hand up to her chest and said: "No! Oh my God!"

She said of her and her new husband Justin Griffin: "We are not blessed to be pregnant yet. My husband and I are thinking about it."

Upon watching the clip, James added: "Alyssa reacted violently to Whoopi's question as though she had been hit.

"She jerked back on her chair and placed her hand on her chest in shock.

"Alyssa reacted violently to Whoopi's question as though she had been hit," she went on, noting that her "weather-proof smile is delayed in arriving."

"When she looked for help from the other panelists, their faces were blank," she noted.

"Alyssa sought sympathy from them, but hid her face in her hands in a cut-off gesture, as though mortified."

Alyssa replaced Meghan McCain in 2022 and joined the ABC talk show during its 26th season.

At the time former White House Director of Strategic Communications wrote on Twitter: “It’s been a tumultuous few years for me personally."

She said: "I’m grateful & thrilled to have found my voice & to represent my values at the iconic table!”

Despite the panel's cross-section of personalities, James claimed the dynamic with Alyssa has been fascinating.

She said: “Alyssa’s body language and branding behavior are so different from the other women.

“She does come across as alienated anyway.

“Alyssa is that kid in school who never quite got into the cool kid gang.

“Now she has developed a set of resilience techniques that set her out even more as being outside the gang.

“The other women tend to be more edgy, earthy, and open in their comments.

“Whoopi is often seen in clips rolling her eyes and raising her voice.

“Alyssa's responses are generally more sweet, old-school beauty pageant.

“Her voice raises in tone to a higher pitch and her smile gets wider.

"The group dynamic on this show does look incredibly lop-sided at times."

James continued: "Now Alyssa appears to have snuck off on her own.

"She had the secret whisper with her own audience.


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“Sunday's pink Barbie dress clip also showed a peek at the other panelists.

"They seemed to be oblivious to what Alyssa was up to in the background."

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