Christmas-loving mum turns lounge into North Pole while people lose their minds that she’ll be cleaning until next year | The Sun

We’re all willing to do whatever it takes to make Christmas magical for our little ones. 

But one yuletide-loving mum took things to a whole new level by turning her pristine living room into a scene straight out of a festive film… in the messiest way possible. 

Sam Grace turned her lounge into the North Pole by throwing caution – and thousands of tiny polystyrene balls – to the wind.

The mum-of-one dumped THREE bags of miniscule white balls over her living room floor just four days before Christmas.

People lost their minds over the messy stunt which looked both amazing and stressful.

Many warned the hilarious mum that she will be cleaning up the little plastic balls until next Christmas, while others joked their inner-clean freak wouldn’t let recreate the scene in their home.

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Sam posted the process on her Tik Tok account @samgrace_22 to give everyone a laugh.

She stood debating the decision on camera for almost 20 seconds before committing to dumping the first bag of polystyrene balls over her sparkling wooden floor. 

She poured the last bag over the floor before jumping into the newly-formed faux snow hill and then knee sliding into it.

Sam also lay on the balls creating “snow” angels and throwing them in the air. 

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She created the messy scene as part of her elf on the shelf pranks – a modern Christmas tradition where cheeky elves get up to mischief in your home while the kids are asleep.

She assured “it doesn’t take that long to clean” and encouraged other parents to do it in the name of Christmas cheer.

Despite being massively impressed by her dedication, other parents couldn’t fathom cleaning thousands of tiny balls up from the living room. 

They noted that the pesky round things will find their way into every nook and cranny and be popping up over the house for years to come. 

One joked: “Still gonna be cleaning that up next Christmas.”

A second quipped: “Christmas 2050: still finding them.”

However, this was not Sam’s first rodeo using polystyrene balls to turn her sitting room into the North Pole.

She said: “I did it two years ago and can confirm I still find them.”

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