Did Anna Wintour create the Met Gala? | The Sun

THE Met Gala comes around every May and is the most famous fashion event in the world.

Here is everything you need to know about Anna Wintour and the Met Gala.

Did Anna Wintour create the Met Gala?

Anna Wintour did not create the Met Gala.

It was first created by publicist Eleanor Lambert as a charity event in 1948 to fundraise the Costume Institute.

Originallythe Met Gala was held in venues such as Central Park, the Rainbow Room or the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

But in 1971 former Vogue editor in chief Diana Vreeland joined the Costume Institute as a consultant and began to shape the gala.

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And when Wintour became editor in chief of Vogue in 1995, the Met Gala changed again to how it is today.

Does Anna Wintour oversee the Met Gala?

Wintour does oversee the Met Gala.

She is responsible for the guest list and benefit committee, however she has Vogue staff helping her.

In the end she has the final saywhen it comes to who gets invited. So even if a company pays for a table, they cannot decide who sits at it.

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She is also in charge of the exhibition theme and the fashion pieces displayed.

In 2023 the Met Gala theme will be Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty to honour Karl Lagerfeld, who died in 2019 and was a regular attendee of the Met Gala.

Do celebrities pay for the Met Gala?

Some celebrities do have to pay for the Met Gala but it is depending on whether they get invited by a fashion label or not.

If invited by a fashion label, they won't need to pay since they will be representing the label on the red carpet and get to sit on their table.

According to The Evening Standard, a table costs around $200,000 to $300,000.

Nevertheless, it is possible to attend the Met Gala without an invite from someone.

Celebrities can expect to pay around $35,000 – and even then it is not guaranteed for them to get a spot if their name is not on the original guest list.

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