Dr Pimple Popper bursts huge ‘tick’ blackhead from patient’s ear in new video

WE'VE all had a blackhead or two, whether it's on our nose or on the inside of our ears.

For most people a tiny bit of puss comes out once you squeeze the offending spot – but one patient at Dr Pimple Popper's clinic got a shock after gunk the size of a tick was removed from their ear.

The patient appeared to be an older person who had presented at Dr Pimple Popper, aka, Dr Sandra Lee's clinic with a little bump on their ear.

Posting in a new Instagram video, the pimple popping expert wasted no time in grabbing a scalpel.

Dr Lee then makes two small incisions on either side of the spot.

She says: "Lets give it a little squeeze here", before pushing the skin together.

For all those popping fanatics, she then replays the moment in slow motion, just so you can really see the mound of gunk being removed from the patient's ear.

Dr Lee then grabs some tweezers to fully remove the puss from the ear.

Many social media users were fascinated, with some saying the gunk looked like a tick.

Over a million people viewed the video with many others also commenting on the video and tagging their friends in the post so that they can see the gruesome squeeze for themselves.

Dr Lee is always looking for new patients to help and just last month she helped one man remove a lump from his ear.

After extracting the spot she said: "I think you lost a little weight there. But now you look so pretty, this is your good side now again."

Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, expert dermatologist at sk:n explained how blackheads are different to white heads.

He said: "Blackheads are small black or yellow bumps that develop on the surface of the skin.

"Contrary to what many people think, these aren’t filled with dirt, but are black because the inner lining of the hair follicle has produced this colour."

He explained that these are different to white heads that can have a similar appearance to blackheads but instead may be firmer and will not empty if squeezed.

In order to get rid of blackheads, one expert at KLEAN said you should look for washes that include Salicylic acid which helps unclog pores and dissolve blackheads.

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