Everyone can see at least 5 fingers in weird hand pic but you have 20/20 vision if you spot true number in 12 seconds | The Sun

AN ILLUSIONS Tiktok account has uploaded a creepy image that left many users wondering just how many fingers are in the image.

This brainteaser account has baffled many TikTok users with this hard-to-look-at optical illusion.

The account (@unseenillusions) posts illusions and riddles for its 37,000 followers and has amassed 1.4 million likes.

This illusion was posted once in February 2021, and again in October of the same year.

The February post received 5,481 views, 287 likes, and 139 comments.

While the October post had 14,000 views, 1,023 likes, and 409 comments.

The picture depicts an altered human hand with other hands as fingertips against a black background.

People were asked: "How many fingers are there?"

This question took both comment threads by storm with answers ranging from 25 to 1,720, but mostly in the 150 range.

Most comments are just guesses, but some users also explained how they got their answers.

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"Count the hands, 31, then multiply by 5," a user said.

"625 because it's 5 x 125," said another user.

"155; just calculate all palms that have 5 fingers so there are 31, 5 fingers per palm, so 31×5= 155," said a third user.

Some people weren't sure whether or not to include thumbs in their answers.

"104 because thumbs are not fingers," said a commenter.

"124 + thumbs," said a second commenter.

"Wrong, 84 fingers and 6 thumbs," said a third commenter.

Other users had trouble finding an answer because the image was hard to look at.


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