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THE secret to looking young isn't just a wardrobe change and some new accessories.

One lifestyle influencer revealed skincare four rules you should follow if you want to look younger than your age.

TikTok user GuacandPico is a 31-year-old lifestyle influencer.

After followers insisted she divulge her secret to looking young, she posted a video and shared four skincare tips.

She starts by saying: "Never leave the house without a hat or something to protect your face."

Prolonged sun exposure can damage the outer layer of your skin as well as your DNA if you aren't wearing some type of protection.


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"Never leave the house without putting on sunscreen," she continues.

According to EHE Health, "Sunscreen helps prevent discoloration and dark spots from sun damage, helping you maintain a smoother and more even skin tone."

Always washing your face before bed is necessary.

"Never go to bed without cleaning your face, like really cleaning it," she says.

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She recommends using a cleanser, moisturizer, lactic acid, and retinol as your nighttime skincare.

Lastly, she suggests getting preventative Botox for wrinkles.

While these four tips have worked for her, she notes that genetics play a huge role in aging.

Commenters expressed their appreciation but also pointed out the fact that she looked young because she still was.

"Y’all she looks young because THIRTY ONE IS YOUNG. Why do teens today think 30 is 60," one viewer wrote.

Another person commented: "All these 20 year olds are going to be real shocked when they hit 30 and realize they look basically the same."

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