Fashion expert shares formula for the perfect Christmas outfit

Whether it’s for Christmas day itself or another festive occasion – think parties, work do’s or evening plans, finding the perfect seasonal outfit can be a headache.

That said, one fashion expert has made it easier than ever to put together an affordable and flattering look with her expertise.

Speaking exclusively to, Susie Nelson, founder of Modes & More Vintage said: “Christmas is a time for people of all ages to dress up, even if for the rest of the year they prefer to wear muted colours.

“The most important thing to look for in a Christmas party or Christmas day outfit is comfort, plus something you feel happy wearing.”

She noted that with just “a bit of thought and imagination”, nearly all outfits can be “partied up” with the rich approach.

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She suggested: “Keep a classic or conventional lower half, such as black velvet or possibly leather trousers, and team it with a colourful top. This could be in Christmas classics – red or green, or sequins and sparkles which are all safe options

“There is a lot of metallic around with silver trousers, gold skirts and similar items dominating clothing racks. But velvet is a seasonal favourite, and this year is found in a wide range of colours and clothes.”

When it comes to finding something that flatters your features, it’s important to pay attention to things like your eyes, skin tone and hair colour.

Susie claimed: “Some beauty editors state that if you have a warm skin tone you’ll look great in red, coral and amber. If you have a cool skin tone, they suggest finding reds that are closer to maroon or rose. If your skin has a neutral undertone choose bluer shades or a bright true red instead.

“A simpler solution may be to take a photo of yourself wearing various shades/tones of green and /or red and select the one you feel happiest in.”

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Most importantly, Susie’s approach to festive fashion means there’s no need to compromise on feeling confident while trying out some bolder looks.

She explained that when it comes to sourcing your Christmas ensemble, the best place to look is not in shops or online, but a little closer to home.

The fashion expert said: “Most people have more outfits in their wardrobes and cupboards than they realize, it could be an old favourite or something borrowed from friends or family. With a bit of thought and imagination, nearly all outfits can be partied up with the addition of large earrings, sparkly shoes or belt, red lips etc.”

With this in mind, Susie noted that there is one foolproof formula that people can use to craft a flattering look regardless of the specifics.

Of course, for those who prefer a plain outfit, there are plenty of seasonal accessories that can level up even the most basic looks.

The Modes & More Vintage founder unveiled her own festive “toolkit”, which she claimed “can easily transform a desk to drinks outfit”.

Susie explained: “Large earrings, red lipstick, eyeliner, a sparkly or colourful top, or sparkly shoes, belt, or bag should get you in the festive mood. Velvet hair bows and sparkly hairbands can also help. That said, plaid or tartan is an alternative for those not keen on the sequin route.

“When finding these items, the first stop should be your wardrobe, and if you find nothing there, try friends and family. All clothes, sustainable or not should be wearable, and nothing should fall apart after one wear.

“There are a lot of claims by fashion brands regarding sustainability, and it should be noted that just because something is expensive and claims to be sustainable it may be no more sustainable than a much cheaper alternative. One option is to hire a dress or outfit. This is a growing market, and companies such as Hurr have tied up with stores including Selfridges to offer a wide range of rental options.”

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