Forget the viral Primark pyjamas – now there's a whole duvet set which makes it feel like you're 'sleeping on a cloud' | The Sun

PEOPLE are racing to Primark in their thousands to get their hands on the viral cosy pyjama set.

But now they can make their nighttime even cuddlier, thanks to a new super-soft duvet set from the high street store.

Sophie took to her TikTok page to urge people to "run to Primark" as she showed off the gorgeous set.

She'd bought a king-size one, which comes with two pillowcases, and the brown ribbed, furry material looked more than a little comfy.

Sophie then showed what the duvet set looked like when it was on her bed, pulling back the duvet cover to show the smooth fur underneath.

And people were quick to comment on the video, many of whom already owned the duvet set, which retails for £30 for a king-size one.

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"I bought this in September," one wrote.

"OMG GO GET 1 PEOPLE – best bedding ever and washes lovely!"

"I’ve got this and I lurvvve it, so comfy," another added.

"Omg neeed," a third wrote.

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As someone else compared it to "sleeping on a cloud".

"How do you expect us to get out of bed for work in the morning if the bed is this cosy?" another questioned.

To which Sophie revealed that the morning after her first night in the duvet set, she "messed up".

She also added that she "slept great" in the covers, despite many people's concerns that it would get too hot.

"I don’t know how people sleep in these duvet covers," one wrote.

"As a blanket fair enough, but do y’all not get hot at night ???"

"Night sweats," another commented.

"I had a Teddy one before and it was too much!" a third admitted.

"Unless your house is freezing I couldn't!"

"It's too hot, I don't like it," someone else said.

The release of the duvet set comes after shoppers took to social media to gush about the £28 pyjamas – which many said were even better than the pricey SKIMS.

"I love them!" one wrote.

''And yes, they're worth it for anyone unsure – they're so soft.''

Another agreed, adding: ''They're so comfortable. Maybe I've lost weight because I thought the sizing was pretty consistent.''

''Omg, I got them today for the first time and now I understand the hype,'' a third chimed in.

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