Gran goes viral for brutally honest reaction to her daughter's baby news – and divides opinion in the process | The Sun

ANNOUNCING your pregnancy to family and friends is something that many people look forward to.

After all, it’s brilliant, exciting news that many parents-to-be are thrilled about and can't wait to share with their nearest and dearest. 

But one couple didn’t get the response they were hoping for when they revealed to their loved ones that they were expecting another child. 

A pregnant mum-of-two was left speechless when she showed her mother her baby scans, revealing that she was expecting with her third child.

Posting under the username ‘mariskrodal’ on TikTok, we see a video of the expectant mother and her mum, looking at some baby scans.

The nan holds the baby scans and shakes her head in disbelief that her daughter is expecting a child again.

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She said: “Another one…already?” to which her expecting daughter says “I mean, yeah!”

The nan then savagely added: “You can't handle the two you have”.

She then asked: “Really, another baby?”

The expectant mum and her partner were left stunned at the nan’s reaction to their baby news and couldn't believe how she had reacted. 

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The pregnant woman’s sister even said: “That’s really messed up mum”.

The video has clearly shocked many, as it has racked up a whopping 10million views in just two days. 

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It has 709.3k likes, 22.1k comments and 27.4k shares.

TikTok users were left divided over the nan’s reaction – some people thought it was fair enough and was good that she was honest, but others were convinced it wasn’t true and that the video was staged. 

One person said: “The truth hurts but needs to be said”. 

Another added: “More people need to be this honest”. 

A third commented: “So many people need this reality check. Good on her”. 

Someone else agreed: “I feel like there probably was a legit reason for that reaction”.

However, one TikToker claimed: “Am I the only person who thinks this isn’t real?” 

Another agreed: “It’s so clearly staged”.

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A third chimed in: “The way the girl says “well yeah” is so clearly acting!! I’m 100% sure it is staged”. 

A fourth stated: “Really bad acting”.

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