Hairdresser shows 'worst case of matting' they’ve ever seen & people are stunned they got it tangle-free with NO cutting | The Sun

A HAIRDRESSER has left people stunned after revealing the worst case of matting she'd ever seen.

Leda Fazal is a hair stylist and salon owner, and explained that the woman had travelled to her North Carolina salon to get the matting looked at.

"This might have been the hardest dematting we've ever done," Leda began the video on her Instagram page.

"This was about two years old, this mat, so we had to really pick at it slowly."

She added that while they used a lot of products, including detanglers and special brushes, it was actually down to the "patience" of her team that they got the matting undone.

"This did take 10 hours, there was four stylists," she said.

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"I actually had to leave at a certain time and before I left I heard something that was shocking to me.

"I said, 'How are you hanging in there?' She's like, 'Honestly, my permanent headache is gone'.

"And I was like oh wow.

"She had a permanent headache, and I could see why.

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"This matting was like a helmet on her hair."

After they finally managed to get rid of the matting, they "danced a happy dance" and gave her hair a good wash, with an added scalp massage.

Lena ended the Instagram video by showing off the woman's "beautiful" curls, and revealing she was "so freaking happy" with her finished look.

"This was a long, long day but a lifechanging day," she concluded.

"We are a judgement free zone," Lena added in the caption.

"So proud we got the job done without sacrificing any of her hair".

And people in the comments section admitted they were stunned that they'd managed to remove the matting without having to cut her hair at all.

"This brought tears to my eyes," one wrote.

"I’m so happy you were about to save her hair without cutting it.

"It’s sad to see people suggesting that in the comment section."

"You saved her from having to cut it all off!!" another praised.

"Fantastic work. She has beautiful hair."

"Good for you and I’m so happy for her," a third comment, which came from actress Patricia Arquette, read.

"I imagine she has been through a lot in her life. May she have a beautiful next chapter.

"What a gift you have given her and she has given herself for this new beginning!"

"Well done team!" someone else wrote.

"Not to that extent but been there with my kid's hair and phew it takes a special place to tap into!"

"So glad her permanent headache is gone," another said.

"Awesome work!"

"That must have been such a relief for her, thank you for making a judgement free sanctuary for her to come to for help and encouragement," someone else praised.

Others insisted they would have just cut the matting off, with one writing: "Why would you want to save that hair let alone spend hours and clearly hundreds of dollars?

"Cut most of it off & detangle & style the rest."

"I would just cut it,"another agreed.

But someone else hit back, writing: "It seems not enough people have empathy.

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"People's hair gets matted for many reasons, could be that they couldn't because of injury, or illness, or a mental condition, but no matter the reason, this person deserves to have their hair back, deserves to keep their hair.

"I'm so glad there are people out there willing to help."

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