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CERAMIC HOBS are becoming more popular amongst those who are looking to refurbish their kitchen as they give a modern look to your home.

Besides the great look, ceramic hobs are also easy to use and heat up quickly but they can be a pain to clean – unless you follow our step-by-step guide that we're about to give you.

How to clean a ceramic hob

Before you start cleaning the hob, make sure that it isn't hot, so do not clean it after you cook.

It sounds obvious, but burning yourself with the hob is one of the most common accidents to happen in a kitchen.

If there are any drops or spatter over the hob, wipe them off with a microfibre cloth.

If it is greasy, mix baking soda and water and wipe it off with the soft side of a clean sponge or with warm soapy water.

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These steps will prevent the hob from scratching during the cleaning process we're about to tell you about.

Now let's prepare the things you need to get cleaning your ceramic hob.

You will be using things that you probably already have in your household, which are:

  • baking soda
  • white vinegar
  • a sponge
  • a pair of gloves
  • a microfibre cloth
  • some rags

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Once you get those ready, you can start cleaning.

Sprinkle some baking soda

Grab the baking soda, and sprinkle it all over the hob.

Cover the whole hob and do not worry about the mess.

This process will not look good but you will see as you go along the great results.

So make sure to cover that hob with baking soda, especially if the hob is really dirty.

Cover the hob with a wet rag

Wet one of the rags with warm water and squeeze them lightly – the rags should not be damp but wet.

Place it open wide over the hob covered with baking soda for 30 minutes.

Set the rags aside

Remove the rags and put them aside somewhere close by.

During those 30 minutes, the water dissolved some of the soda but there should still be a good amount of it left on the hob.

The soda will be very easy to remove now.

Apply white vinegar

Pour some white vinegar over the hob, and this will create saltwater.

You will start hearing the mixture making a fizzy sound and that is very good.

It will help to remove the grime attached to the hob and remove the hard water stains.

Wipe it off

Once the fizzing stops, grab the rags that you'd set aside earlier and start wiping the hob.

This will help to remove some of the mess.

Wipe with a sponge

Using the soft side of your sponge, further wipe the hob.

Make sure that you do use the soft side to avoid scratching the hob.

Every once in a while, dip the sponge in warm water and squeeze it, so that you are cleaning the hob with clean water not with the mixture you earlier created.

Keep doing so until the mess is gone.

Wipe it off with a towel

Now is time to grab the microfibre towel and wipe the hob for the last time.

This kind of towel will help not to scratch the surface and it will leave your hob looking cleaner.

Is a ceramic hob the same as an induction hob?

The difference between the two is the process they use to heat up.

Induction hobs heat up by the process indicated in the name.

They use electrical induction – so they have copper coils fitted beneath their surface that surrounds the hob with a magnetic field that heats the pan.

They are very energy efficient and will keep the surrounding surface mostly cold, so you have less risk of burning yourself.

On the other hand, ceramic hobs use conduction.

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Their underlying elements heat up the ring and the surrounding surface of the hob and transfers to the pan to the food.

An induction hob heats up and cools down even quicker too.

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