I asked for a cute angel wings tattoo but was horrified by what I got – it was a mess | The Sun

GETTING a tattoo can be nerve-wracking, as there is always the worry that it’ll go wrong.

One woman who knows this only too well is TikTok user Jocelyn Richardson, who asked her tattoo artist for a cute angel inking – and was not prepared for what she got.

Taking to her @jocelynrichardson76 account, she showed off the expectation vs the reality.

Jocelyn had asked for some angel wings accompanied by the phrase “too beautiful for earth.”

However, the finished result was anything but “beautiful.”

She showed the final inking which looked extremely smudged and done in all different fonts.

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And instead of being small and dainty, the angel wings were massive and took up a huge patch on her arm.

Jocelyn wrote: “Tattoo gone wrong.”

People were shocked at the design and one took to the comments to share her thoughts.

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She wrote: “girllll, what the hell was they thinking doing that to you? 

“If I were you I'd be sueing or something because if the artist knew they couldn't do the tattoo then they shouldn't have went along with it! 

“Hope you can get it perfected!”

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