I bought a cute top from Shein but it broke during my night out – I ended up having to wear my skirt as a dress | The Sun

IT'S one of the downsides of ordering clothes from Shein – you can never guarantee that it's going to be good quality.

And Jordan found out the hard way as she decided to wear her new glittery crop top from the fast fashion website on a night out.

"When your Shein shirt breaks so you wear your skirt as a dress," Jordan wrote over her TikTok video.

In the clip, she was seen with her black skirt hoisted above her breasts to protect her modesty.

She also held up the broken silver top as she looked mournfully at it.

"Choices were made," she added in the caption.

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"Omg I have the same one and it broke on me too," one person commented on the video.

"I used a shoe lace and threw on a cardigan and nobody knew

"omg at least ur skirt wasn’t short," another added.

With Jordan replying: "Right?! Thank goodness!"

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"Imagine if you were wearing pants," someone else wrote.

"SHEIN needs to be cancelled. Period," another commented.

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While someone else added: "Don't buy Shein."

"Never again, lol," Jordan laughed.

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