I fell in love with a married couple from the US – they've moved to Scotland so we can be an official throuple | The Sun

A HISTORIAN has told how an American husband and wife have moved to Scotland to be in a throuple with her.

Dundee-based Georgia Grainger, 27, first started speaking to private investigator Clay, 40, and sex therapist April, 39, in October 2020 after meeting online.

The couple, who lived in Oklahoma in the US at the time, have two children and had never opened up their relationship before in more than a decade of marriage.

But after they visited Georgia in 2021 and she returned the favour in visiting the US soon after, they decided to move forward together as a throuple.

Georgie, whose mum and loved ones are supportive of her relationship, reckons people still have lots of outdated stereotypes about polyamory though.

She says: “One big one is people assuming it’s just for Clay.

“But me and April are in a relationship together and that’s a major part of it.

“People have the view of the sister wives type things from the Mormons.

“Sometimes people think it’s only about sex and they’d be surprised we’re talking about having kids together.

“It’s similar to how attitudes with gay people were in the past where it’s seen as a sexual thing.”

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Georgia, who has been in open relationships in the past, couldn’t be happier after her partners moved to Scotland with their two children and dog.

Just like every other relationship, they make sure they have time to themselves as well as each other and don’t want anybody feeling left out.

She adds: “We try to have time with all three of us but also try to have individual time.

“So I’d go out with Clay or April and they’d go out with each other.

“I don’t get jealous. I’d been dating different people and stuff like that I’m more used to it. I know April sometimes gets jealous.

“Lots of people in polyamory say jealousy is an expression of insecurity or needs not being met so we just try and talk about it when it does come up.

“We try to make sure we have sex all together fairly often but sometimes one person won’t be feeling it or will be busy and if that happens there’s not a problem with it being two of us.

“We try to make sure it’s balanced so it’s not April and Clay having sex all the time or me was it with one of them all the time without the other one.

“But we don’t keep track of it, it’s more just making sure everyone’s needs are met.

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“It works out pretty well, we talk a lot and it does require a lot of communication.

“April is a therapist she’s very aware of the risk of me feeling like an add-on so she and Clay work hard to include me as much as possible.”

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