I found an easy way to store beverages using an everyday household item – after learning this hack I'll never go back | The Sun

THIS TikToker has revealed an easy way to store cases of bottled water using an everyday household item.

A TikTok account that goes by @houseofhighlights shared a "mind blowing" hack for easily grabbing bottled water out of it's plastic casing.

The creator used a kitchen knife to cut a silt down the middle of the case of water.

You are supposed to start cutting at one side of the case, work your way across the top of the case, and then down the other side.

Then the creator just tugged on the middle cut and flipped both sides of the case over, so that the water bottles were exposed.

This hack makes the bottles easier to grab and you can use the trick on any kind of beverage that has a plastic casing.

After learning this hack, people in the comment section can't go backto the old way of poking holes in the casing to get to the water bottles.

"I will be honest, I used to do this all the time because its always quicker than ripping," one commenter said.

Another person said: "oh my god it's that easy."

"This blew my mind," a third wrote.

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However, some viewers have known about this trick for some time.

"Wow I thought everyone knew that," someone said.

While this hack makes things easier in the kitchen, things can quickly turn into a mess if you aren't careful with the knife.

A couple of commenters warned that the plastic water bottles in the case could also get cut during the process, causing water to spill all over your floor and your money to be wasted.

"I did that twice and it worked and then the third time all the water bottles ripped," one person said.

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